Barrier gestures are reminded by posting in all public areas of the hotel, restaurant and areas reserved for staff in order to invite everyone to respect them, for the health of all.


Customers must present themselves wearing a mask and keep it on at all times in the public areas of the hotel and restaurant, except in the room and at the table. (Decree no 2020-663 of May 31, 2020)


installation of plexiglass

protection at reception

Hydroalcoholic gel is made available to our customers. You will find it at the reception, in the restrooms of the restaurant in the form of vending machines, and in the rooms in individual sachets.

Respect for social distancing

by a floor marking

We have removed tables in our restaurant to ensure that distances are respected. Likewise, the tables can accommodate a maximum of 10 guests; Beyond that, we will be obliged to install the guests in several tables.

Disinfection of risk areas several times a day (handles, elevator button, stair railing, counter, etc.)

Please note that the staff must be alone in the room when cleaning and that the customer will not be able to access their room during cleaning.

All our rooms are cleaned every day with a dry steamer.After each departure, the rooms must be ventilated.

Switches, handles, remote control, faucet, soap dish etc… will be cleaned with disinfectant wipes.

We no longer serve breakfast as a buffet but on a tray that we bring to your table in the breakfast room. We make sure to stagger your arrival

in this same room.

A list of additional products is offered to you, such as homemade pie, seasonal fruits, cold cuts, eggs, etc., without any supplement. You just have to check the document that we give you on your arrival.

We accept contactless payments up to 50 euros.

Beyond that, we invite you to favor payment by credit card.

On the other hand, in order to avoid manipulation by several people, we ask our hotel customers to pay the entire stay the day before the departure date.

Thanks for your help and understanding

All our staff has been trained by an approved body,

barrier gestures and new operating modes

If necessary,

your COVID-19 contact at the hotel and restaurant is