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The private pool, outdoor, heated by the sun, is available to our customers. Here you can relax on sun loungers, or in the shade of the arbor. L’Auberge de Tavel is decorated with a small garden of oleanders, irises, and roses of Tavel. In summer, the garden provided the figs served on the breakfast buffet. Ideal starting point for exploring Avignon, its region and its renowned vineyards, L’Auberge de Tavel is also a stopover for lounging and enjoying the small pleasures of the holidays.
Your pets are welcome, our cat Cleopatre will show them how life is sweet.



Discover the area

Within a 50 km radius we will help you to visit our beautiful region. You will choice between vineyards, lavender fields, Provence Roman and Romanesque monuments and fabulous, some are classified as UNESCO site.

6 ideas circuits - map and directions will be provided at our reception

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Provencal Markets

Every day of the week, most of the time between 7:00 am until 12:00 am, thousands of colorful stalls fill the streets of cities and villages. Seasonal fruits and vegetables, fresh or aged cheeses, cut flowers and all kinds of local products make markets in the region are places of incomparable warmth.
A heat strengthened by the presence of the sun. It is in the shade of plane trees that creates a friendly atmosphere of these places.
Most importantly, take your time and enjoy all this wealth. You can also find in the area beautiful markets at the flea market ...

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Craftsmen & collections

In towns and villages, many artisans bring their personal touch to various metals and materials.



Brief Note on the Auberge de Tavel

A Tavel, whenever a peasant drew a furrow to plow, he was almost certain to find the remains.
The site that interests us is to say the location of the Auberge de Tavel, Tavel some passionate archeology undertook there are a few years, research has naturally led to the discovery in instead of vases, urns, coins, scrap of black and red pottery, clay pipes of... All this of course was a point of convergence: the thermal baths at the entrance to Bouvette. This means that the Auberge de Tavel is based on a Gallo-Roman under ground. Of course, the years went by. One day the place was called the "Moulin d'Oli". No document secures the time of its construction. But it was first mentioned in 1572 in the reign of Catherine de Medici. This is a royal order on perpetual lease to the mill. Among other scattered writings, a 1647 document presents an assignment and remission of this oil mill made by Caesar Calmen Peter Taulier holding the father of her fire since 1603. Throughout the eighteenth century that pension oil mill is on charges of the size. We could make other information on this old mill. In 1715 the cover collapsed and debris were sold to the public. It was restored a few years after 1762. He was still working in 1800. It was in 1839 that Odoyer Stanislas, mayor, he built on the site of a public school boys, whose education was entrusted to the Marist Brothers. In 1905 under the Ministry Combes, she became the public school boys. In 1970, this school still somewhat antiquated was abolished and new schools of a modern, airy, were built north of the village. In 1972 the playground and the old buildings of the school were to be seamlessly converted to Auberge de Tavel we know. In May 2003, Corinne Brouillaud buys this property, delighted by the stones, beams and the good life that emerges.

Text by Jean Reboul